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TOXIK ATTACK - Assassinos em Serie

Release date January 31, 2019 (Helldprod Records)

A very strong debut release on tap here from Portugal's Toxic Attack. For those readers who remember and revere 80s thrash, this is for you. All 9 tracks are well written, catchy, thrash-speed metal hybrids.

There are hints of Destruction, Razor, Helloween, and Possessed herein, and that is mighty fine company to keep. The production is good to very good, with everything except the bass being discernible in the mix. The bass did need to be brought up more, but it is a small weakness when the songs are so well crafted and performed.

The only catch are the Portuguese language vocals.....they are an acquired taste. They range within and between songs from high pitched yelps to clean tenor to growls and back again. They can be wild and chaotic, almost old school punk. For you old timers, they are reminiscent of the vocals of Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys. At first they may be off-putting, but if you stick with them, they start to grow on you.

As long as they skip the sophomore slump, these guys have great potential. Take a listen to this one for sure.


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