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WOLFSBLOOD - Vomit and Lice

Release date October 17/18 (Regain/Troglodyte)

The Mighty Decibel's #2 Metal Album of 2019!!!

Absolutely crushing! That's the first thought as you imbibe the first two tracks of Wolfsblood's Vomit and Lice. Thundering d-beat that refers to Discharge records of old and more recent Wolfbrigade fare assaults greedy ears, hungry for more of that killer face-melt.

While the female-fronted Swedish mob prove themselves more than capable of delivering the crust-infested d-beat, they also throw some other contours throughout to keep you tuned in. 'Last Train' goes for a rumbling Motorhead feel, evoking thoughts of the Orgasmatron album cover, while 'Bury Your Heart' goes all Midnight on yer butt. Meanwhile, concluding track 'Unalive' finds the band in doom mode, blubbering bass adding to the punishment.

Throughout the battering, vocalist Divina Levrini growls up a storm, adding a rock'n'roll vibe within her approach that is utterly original and mesmerizing to hear. Catchy as all hell. It is then doubly sad to hear of her passing in early March. She left behind a fantastic recorded legacy of her vocal talents though. R.I.P.


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