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KHANDRA - There Is No Division Outside Existence

Released October 12/18 (Redefining Darkness Records)

Man, talk about foreboding. The opening instrumental track on Khandra's latest EP certainly sets the tone here, repeating guitar strokes with mechanical noise and bell chimes laying down an ominous vibe. Then we're off to the blackened races with a thundering roll of drums and hearty growl as 'Decaying Into The Ascended' makes its presence known.

Containing four tracks of intense black metal, the Belarus-based unit specialize in mixing different tempo shifts within their base blasting sections, ensuring listeners are kept engaged throughout its 25-minute length. Atmosphere definitely being something the band focuses on, you're constantly bombarded with crushing or face-melting sections as you struggle to digest the material. Not quite complex, but surely thoughtfully conceived, There Is No Division Outside Existence is best consumed in utter isolation with your mind acting as a blank canvass to absorb the abuse.


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