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FOGHOUND - Awaken To Destroy

Released November 23/18 (Ripple Music)

Those who were disappointed with C.O.C.'s latest release No Cross, No Crown need to check out Foghound's Awaken To Destroy. Chock a-block with monolithic riffs that'll crush your skull, Foghound deliver the doom metal goods like C.O.C. used to. Check out 'Known Wolves', 'In Due Time', 'Keep On Shoveling' and 'Gone Up In Smoke', for prime examples of the type of rumbling punishment this Maryland based unit deliver on this, their third full length.

Would have loved a full album's worth of world-class doom riffage, but the band also delve into stoner territory here. There's an acoustic interlude ('Ave!') and a few psychedelic rockers ('Staring Down The Demons', 'Death Will Tremble' and 'The Buzzard') that will appease the tokers, but they only act as disapointing denouements for those focused on the cracking of skulls. Regardless, Awaken To Destroy impresses mightily and should be a mandatory purchase for all doom fanatics.


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