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UNLEASHED - The Hunt For White Christ

Released October 26/18 (Napalm)

Gotta admit that, on first blush, this reviewer wasn't that impressed with album number 13 from the Unleashed camp. It seemed like a "more-of-the-same" outing upon initial listen, hitting all the requisite items on the Swedish death metal check list ... and little more. However, the outlook has improved over time, as some appreciation for this release has grown over multiple listens.

First off, there a number of guitar solos that are absolutely blistering and technically eye opening (check out 'Stand Your Ground', 'Vidaurgelmthul' and 'Open To All The World'). Secondly, while standard SDM, it's hard to argue that it isn't well recorded and executed. Sometimes more of the same can be a good thing. Lastly, the best tracks are placed at the back half of the disc, allowing the Viking lads to raise their swords in partial victory as the record closes. Solid.


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