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SUBTYPE ZERO - The Astral Awakening

Released August 24/18 (Seeing Red)

Those bemoaning the death of the mighty Slayer can soothe their pain by picking up Subtype Zero's debut album. Utilizing the same riff and drum strategies as the So-Cal thrash legends, the high-hat work of skinsman Dalton Edwards especially kicking ass, this youthful, Ohio-based unit has perfectly captured the adrenaline rush of what a Slayer listening experience is all about.

Initiating with some 'scary' keys and evolving into a guitar solo that ends akin to a tea kettle boiling over, the boys then settle into a pistons-popping riff on the 'Blinded By Light' opener that'll get your head banging if you're a thrash lunatic. Vocals are of the crossover shout variety (think of Power Trip's Riley Gale) providing some additional street urgency to proceedings, and the lead guitar solos are typically insane quakes from beyond. 12 songs and 29 minutes later you'll be wiping the sweat off your brow from the intensity that you've just endured. Highly recommended for thrash fanatics.


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