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GOAT SPERM - Voice In The Womb

Release date September 10/18 (Inferna Profundis)

Not to be confused with the defunct German black metal band of the same name or Peru's Goat Semen (what's up with the fascination with goat junk anyways?), Voice In The Womb is the product of a black/death unit out of the Ukraine.

The title track opener immediately sets the mood for this three-track, nineteen-minute EP. Mixing creepy, slow black riffage with punishing death, the incoherent, uber-gurgle vox casts listeners into the abyss, only to be saved by a tender church choir conclusion. The subsequent 'Into The Deep Waters Of Catacombs' immediately sends us spiraling downwards again though, the drums taking on an extra pummeling presence on this one. Onward to hell we go with the concluding 'XXIV Elders' where we are ultimately greeted by some extended bell chiming ... and Satan we assume, of course.

Altogether a grueling beast of a black/death record, with some good use of sound effects to bring listeners a modicum of respite. Personally would prefer to hear some more variation in the vocals in the future though. Good stuff.


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