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LIK - Carnage

Release date May 4/18 (Metal Blade)

"Familiarity breeds contempt". When this saying is applied to music, it would imply that albums which don't bring anything new to the table should be held in disdain. If that were true, much of the discographies from such important bands as Motorhead, AC/DC and Ramones would be swept under the table, along with a myriad of releases by lesser lights. Nah, sometimes listening to a new release that fits into a genre or sound in which you're already emotionally invested is a great way to spend your time.

Which brings us to the sophomore full length from Lik (corpse in Swedish), who lustily embrace the Swedish death metal sound. The buzzsaw guitar, delivered in mostly up-tempo aggression, is totally unoriginal, but no less enjoyable ... assuming you have a soft spot for the sub-genre. Simply put, if you lust for more albums of this type beyond your Entombed and Dismember releases, then this is for you. Avnjuta!


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