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ANVIL - Hard'N'Heavy

Old School !!!!! Released 1981 (Attic)My brother and I had no sooner taken our seats at the Danforth Music Hall to eagerly witness the maide

CJ RAMONE - Live in Toronto

Hey, Ho, here we go again!On what he has billed as his "Final Tour", CJ Ramone swept into Toronto for a great night

MENTORS - Up The Dose

Donning black hoods long before Midnight hit the scene, Seattle, Washington's irrepressible/irresponsible

MYLINGAR - Doda Sjalar

Release date August 2/19 (20 Buck Spin) The sophomore full length from Sweden's Mylingar (translates in Scandanavian folklore to wandering ghosts of unbaptized children) is one of the most oppressive albums of 2019 to date. A non-stop assault on the senses, crescendos of black/death riffage continuously batter in an all-encompassing wall-of-sound that approaches anti-music levels. Additionally, some discordant passages are also inserted making this feel even more jarring and foreign. Then unrecognizable vocal expulsions are belched, groaned, spat and growled over top to add to the whole punishment-as-music theme. Funnily enough, the most digestible track is the elongated concluding 'Forluste

DESTRUCTION - Born To Perish

Album #8 of original music since Destruction's reformation in 2000 finds the band not only breaking in a new drummer,

BLACK SABBATH - Black Sabbath

Let's get it out of the way up front. This is undoubtedly the first heavy metal album ever issued, the seed that has


Release date August 2/19 (Iron Bonehead) Straight out of the underground we have this split EP, with Italian black metal unit Abhor leading off with two tracks (totaling 13 minutes). Veterans of the black arts since 1998, with multiple full lengths and demos/splits to their name, the band aren't one of those one-dimensional blasting types. Inserting intermittent creepy keyboards and continuously switching riffs/tempos, their tracks require some attention to be able to extract all the nooks and crannies on offer. Especially love the opening track 'Legionne Occulta' where they include demented rantings from a seemingly possessed soul, lending it a horror movie vibe. Cool stuff. [7.5] Joining

AC/DC - Back In Black

July 28th, 1980 was the date for what was the most violent concert this bedraggled show-goer has ever attended.


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