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(Trad/Speed) WITCHSEEKER - Scene of the Wild album review

Released March 26, 2021 (Dying Victim Productions)

Written by: Jeff Tighe

This sophomore release by Singapore's Witchseeker is a 10 song, 38 minute helping of traditional heavy metal, with speed metal influences. Led since their 2012 inception by bassist, lead vocalist, and main man Sheikh Spitfire, Witchseeker are a party metal band looking for a good time, all the time.

The English language lyrics are of the fist-in-the-air, singalong variety that don't take much analysis to get the point. When the chorus of a song is "Let's rock this night away tonight" it begs the question: can you rock this night away tomorrow night? Spinal Tap want to know.

This is some very catchy stuff here, with the best songs being straight up speed metal: "Lust for Dust", "Be Quick or Be Dead", "Break Away", and "Hellions of the Night". But even the slower material is pretty damned good, and most of them ain't that slow. The weakest songs are "Candle in the Dark" and "Nights in Tokyo" which could be singles, but even they aren't bad.

Instrumentally the band is very tight, with guitarists Nick Stormbringer and Brandon Brandy riffing up a storm and Aip Sinner bashing on the skins. Spitfire's vocal style is clean, but it has a bit of a high pitch, gravel encrusted, tone. Think Axl Rose meets Cartman from Southpark. The vocals take a few spins to really get used to, but once you do they are interesting, to say the least.

The main takeaway from this album is that two days after you last listened to it you will catch yourself humming a tune, or singing a chorus. That is a sign that these guys put some effort into their writing. A solid outing for those of you who leave the underground occasionally. (8)


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