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(Thrash) DEMOLIZER - Thrashmegeddon album review

Release date: September 11, 2020 (Mighty Music)

This is the first full length release from Danish thrashers Demolizer since their 2018 formation. 

This is one fine 9 song, 35-minute helping of old-school thrash.  Fans of Kreator, Destruction and Sodom will find lots to enjoy in this album. 

Consisting of bassist Bjorn Hjortgaard, drummer Max Hansen, as well as guitarists Aria Mobbarez and Ben Radtleff (who also handles the English language vocals), these Danes clearly love their Teutonic thrash, and that ain't a bad thing.

The vocals are mostly of a growling variety, sounding like Kreator's Mille Petrozza with a really bad chest cold, along with a few annoying death gurgles. The work at the mic is derivative of too many others, and it is the only weakness on this album. If Radtleff could try experimenting with something more original vocally, that would likely only assist the band.

There are no bad songs on this album. Every track contains catchy, well written, memorable material.  Ranging from light speed, refer the 51 second "Gore", to the chugging "Built on Slavery", the band changes up the generally fast pace of the album enough to allow you catch your breath. The fine guitar work is especially on display on "Until the Day I Die", which includes a Middle Eastern influence.  Other highlights include "Copenhagen Burning" and "Cancer in the Brain". 

Great stuff for any fans of the thrash from yesteryear. 



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