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(Review) SEAX - Speed Inferno

Release date: September 30, 2022 (Iron Shields)

Written by Jeff Tighe

Speed Inferno is the 5th full length release from the pride of Worcester, Massachusetts, Seax since their 2009 formation. Like the medieval German sword that the band is named for, Speed Inferno is short, sharp and piercing. The 9-track, 37-minute album starts off as one would expect an album of this name ... that is, fast and hot. The title track is pure speed metal, as is the rest of this effort.

The highlight of this album is the great guitar work of founding member Hel and his partner in crime, Fife Samson. They not only riff up a storm, as has to be expected in speed metal, but they introduce interesting harmonies in the leads and throughout the songs. Bassist Cristiano Lobo and drummer Derek Jay keep the pace frantic, and Lobo's bass in particular is often interesting, although it should be higher in the mix.

Vocalist Carmine Blades sings it clean, with the range flowing from low growl to the highest octaves, often in the same line, or even word. The man has a set of lungs, there is no question, but the high howl at the end of every second line gets a bit predictable. There are no weak songs on this album, but if a few have to be pointed out as highlights, then the title track, "Barbarians of Doom" and "Heading for a Road Rash" get the nod. The latter in particular has some very melodic guitar work that shows the abilities of these guys as musicians. A solid effort for metal purists. (8)


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