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(Review) KILLING - Face The Madness

Release date: August 13, 2021 (Mighty Music)

Written by Jeff Tighe This is the first full length release from Denmark's Killing since their 2013 formation. This 9 song effort is 40 minutes of old school thrash, but it is certainly not dated. Any fan of classic Kreator will find lots to love in this angry package. Bassist Rasmus Soelberg's English language vocals have the standard, mundane cackle affectation that seems to be mandatory these days, sounding quite a bit like Mille Petrozza. So while the vocal style is hardly original, it isn't too distracting.

The twin guitar riffing of Snade and Rasmus Sorensen is top notch, as are the solos. Drummer Jesper Skousen keeps up the furious pace, but has a well produced, clean sound, as does the entire album. As with all the best albums out there, the main strength of this collection is in the writing. This isn't just speed for speed's sake. These guys know how to write a memorable tune. Probably the weakest song on the album is the final one, "Killed in Action", which has a slow, plodding feel, and at almost seven minutes it goes on too long. But the other eight songs are all much more upbeat and will keep the listener's interest throughout.

Listing stand out tracks among the eight is pointless, since they are all excellent, but if you want a taste before you buy, check out "Kill Everyone", "Before Violence Strikes", or "Legion of Hate". Great stuff.



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