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(Podcast/Video) Top 5 DOOM METAL ALBUMS of 2022 (To Date)

We've hit the half-way mark for the year, so it's time for The Mighty Decibel to name its fave releases of 2022 (so far) across four musical categories. This episode we look at the top doom metal releases of the year.

We're all doomed!!!



10,000 YEARS - III

III | 10,000 Years (

PETH - Merchant of Death

Merchant Of Death | PETH (

VOLCANOVA - Cosmic Bullshit

Cosmic Bullshit | Volcanova (

ERIC WAGNER - In the Lonely Light of Mourning

WAGNER - In The Lonely Light of Mourning | ERIC WAGNER (

YOUR HIGHNESS - RagBags Vol. 1

Your Highness (

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