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(Podcast/Video) TOP 15 EXTREME METAL ALBUMS OF 2021

Join The Mighty Decibel as we count down our top 15 extreme metal albums of the year. Whether it be thrash, black or death metal - we've got you covered.

Thrash 'til death!!!!




#15 DUNGEON SERPENT - World of Sorrows (death)

#14 DOWNCROSS - To The Last Sunset at Gates of Collapse (melodic black)

#13 STEEL BEARING HAND - Slay In Hell (death/thrash)

#12 KILLING - Face The Madness (thrash)

#11 TO THE DOGS - To The Dogs (black/thrash/crust)

#10 HELLCRASH - Crucifix Invertor (speed)

#9 KARABINER - Speed Act (thrash)

#8 DESASTER - Churches Without Saints (black thrash)

#7 KRYPT - Enter The Krypt (thrash)

#6 VULTURE LORD - Desecration Rite (black thrash)

#5 GRAVEDANCER - Ripping Metal (first wave black)

#4 CRAVEN IDOL - Forked Tongues (black thrash)

#3 SCHIZOGOAT - War, Pestilence and Sacrifice (black thrash)

#2 GORGON - Traditio Satanae (black)

#1 BLACK MASS - Feast at the Forbidden Tree (thrash)

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