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(Podcast/Video) TOP 10 HARD'N'HEAVY ALBUMS OF 2020

We kick off our Hard'N'Heavy week by naming our top 10 releases of 2020 from the genre (which in our lexicon includes trad metal, hard rock, power metal, punk, speed metal, punk'n'roll and the like).

Overall, I'd say it was an average year for this segment of the heavy universe, but the following ten albums are definitely worth checking out.

Links to the band's music (and review where applicable) have been included underneath each entry.

AUDIO (full tracks)

VIDEO (edited tracks)


#10 WOLFTOOTH - Valhalla

#9 WITCHWOOD - Before The Winter

#8 ALLEYWAY - After Dark

#7 DEEP PURPLE - Whoosh!

#6 BILL FISHER - Mass Hypnosis & The Dark Triad

#5 HIGH SPIRITS - Hard To Stop

#4 MEGATON SWORD - Blood Hails Steel, Steel Hails Fire

#3 EMERALD DREAM - Emerald Dream

#2 ALCATRAZZ - Born Innocent

#1 THE REAL MCKENZIES - Beer & Loathing


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