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(Podcast/Video) ROSE TATTOO - In 40 Minutes

It still blows my mind that Rose Tattoo never became huge. Their self-titled debut (Rock'N'Roll Outlaw in some territories) just happens to be one of the top five rock'n'roll albums of all time ... and the two follow-up records are also contenders.

The Aussies provided tough, slide-heavy boogie'n'roll with a vocalist that sounded like Rod Stewart on steroids. And live these guys just slayed.

So why aren't more people talkin' about this band? Not sure why ... but all I can do is try to educate the masses with this curated 40 minute set list of the best from their classic first three albums. The charge was assault and battery, the judge said there'd be no bail!!!



Side One

Rose Tattoo (1978)

(0:00) Remedy

(3:00) Nice Boys

(5:53) Tramp

(8:32) Astra Wally

Assault & Battery (1981)

(14:27) All The Lessons

(17:31) Out of This Place

Side 2

(21:53) Assault & Battery

(25:27) Manzil Madness

(27:43) Magnum Maid

Scarred For Life (1982)

(30:54) Scarred For Life

(34:44) We Can't Be Beaten

(37:46) Juice On The Loose


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