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(Podcast/Video) POSSESSED - In 40 Minutes

Possessed - here's a band that remains largely unnoticed despite issuing the very first death metal album (1985's Seven Churches) ... which just so happens to be one of the top death metal records of all time IMO.

Sure the sophomore release was a little bit of a let down, but God damn, the Beyond The Gates EP that followed was top shelf stuff. Then 32 years later (!) they had the balls to release the excellent Revelations of Oblivion full length, one of the best records of 2019.

So, here's a "Hell Ya" to the career of the mighty Possessed from these quarters in the form of 40 minutes of the band's best stuff.

March to die!!!!



Side One

Seven Churches (1985)

(0:00) The Exorcist

(4:52) Seven Churches

(8:16) Fallen Angel

(12:14) Death Metal

Beyond The Gates (1986)

(15:30) March To Die

(18:43) Restless Dead

Side 2

The Eyes of Horror (1987)

(19:42) Confessions

(24:10) My Belief

(27:40) The Eyes of Horror

Revelations of Oblivion (2019)

(30:55) Dominion

(35:25) Abandoned


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