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(Podcast/Video) HARDCORE PUNK NEW RELEASES - September/October 2021

Welcome to Hardcore Punk New Releases where this episode we'll be focusing in on September and October 2021 releases. The stream of quality d-beat, grind, crust, powerviolence, etc. discs recently begged for its own podcast series ... so here we are.

Grind it up!



(0:00) "Against The Wall"

TOMBSQUATTER - Straight To The Void

(4:18) "The Spiral of Violence" + "National Disgrace"

DISPAIR - Vieras

(7:43) "Cancer Cunt" + "Name Dropper"

PSYCHO - Vulture Church

(10:26) "'"Utstuderad Ondska" + "Vidrig Varld" SVAVELDIOXID - Forsta Dagen Efter Sista Bomben

(13:40) "Trading Post" + "Wasteland She-Wolves" ROAD PIG - Demo

(17:31) "100 Minutes 1000 Lies" + A Little Bit More"

ZVARNA - Undiagnosed Psychotic

(20:58) "Dissection of the Mind"

DICKLESS TRACY - Grave New World

(25:29) "Hear My Voice"

ENACT - Promo

(27:20) "Bad Luck"

FORKLIFT ASSASSINS - Members of a Doomsday Cult

(30:36) "Derak Tulang"

JALANG - Santau


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