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(Podcast/Video) HARDCORE PUNK NEW RELEASES - November/December 2021

Join us as we initiate "Hardcore Punk Week" here at The Mighty Decibel, at the end of which we'll be naming our fave albums of 2021.

Welcome to Hardcore Punk New Releases where this episode we'll be focusing in on November and December 2021 releases. The stream of quality d-beat, grind, crust, powerviolence, etc. discs recently begged for its own podcast series ... so here we are.

Grind it up!



(0:00) "Rynzstok Galakty" + "Szczujnia"

DISHELL - Teutonic Beat

(4:30) "Alli" + "Sometidas"

SUTGE - malditxs punx, arruinaron el punk

(9:00) "Nacao Imperial" + "No Meio Do Nada"

DISKRASUKI - No Meio Do Nada

(11:50) "Ripping Future" + "Suffer Fools" GLOWING BRAIN - Brain Dust

(15:43) "The Lawful Violence" + "Border Wall" BORYOKU SOCHI - Corruption of the Lawful Violence

(18:42) "Braindead" + "A Toda Madre"

XCELERATE - Demo 2021

(21:20) "Warsongs"

TRIBUNAL - Deathmachine

(24:50) "Collective Punishment"

Nequient - Collective Punishment

(27:55) "Fight Them Back" + "Pestilence"

PROTON - Men Behind The Sun

(33:10) "Mangled Wounds" + "We All Die One Day"

BONE TOWER - We All Die One Day

(35:10) "Footsoldiers of Sophistry"

BARREN SOIL - Barren Soil

(36:35) "Abhorrent Lifespan" + "Kraaneal Brutal Mincing"

REGURGITASI - Truculence


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