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(Podcast/Video) HARDCORE PUNK NEW RELEASES - January/February 2021

Welcome to Hardcore Punk New Releases where this episode we'll be focusing in on January and February 2021 releases. The stream of quality d-beat, grind, crust, powerviolence, etc. discs recently begged for its own podcast series ... so here we are.

Grind it up!

Note: This will allow our Extreme Metal series to focus exclusively on the thrash, death and black metal sub-genres going forward.



Part 1

Part 2

(0:00) CAMPANA DEL TERROR - Atropello

(2:33) WAR ORPHAN - New Core (single)

(4:57) DISRAID - Desprecio Total por la Vida

(7:30) CAMERA OBSCURE TWO - D.O.D. (Selfmadegod Records)

(12:28) EMPIRE DOWN - Gallows of Winter

(15:58) SKAM - Sounds of a Disease

(20:05) SALO - Sortez vos Morts

(24:10) HELLISH INFERNO - Demo

(25:10) SACRAL - Horrible Things

(30:09) CANNIBAL ACCIDENT - Nekrokluster

(30:53) BORDGER - War of Extinction

(33:43) SNOW - Fast'N'Heavy Loud'N'Slow

(36:02) NARKAN - Infestacion

(38:16) L.M.I. - Split EP with VULTUREPEAK


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