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(Podcast/Video) HARD'N'HEAVY NEW RELEASES - October/November 2023

Our Hard'N'Heavy series of podcasts focuses on new traditional metal and hard rock releases ... along with the odd hard rock'n'roll and melodic punk outing. Basically anything that doesn't fit on our Extreme Metal, Hardcore Punk or Doom series!

This edition we focus on October and November 2023 releases.

Horns up!



(00:00) "Blood, Bone and Fire"

DESTRUCTOR - Blood, Bone and Fire

Blood Bone and Fire | Destructor (

(04:37) "In the Moonlight"

HIGH SPIRITS - Safe on the Other Side

Safe on the Other Side | High Spirits (

(7:48) "Unite"

RECEIVER - Whispers of Lore

Whispers of Lore | Receiver (

(13:07) "Kneel Before Gods"

RECKLESS - Sharp Majik Steel

Sharp Magik Steel | Reckless | Dying Victims Productions (

(17:17) "Who's the Boss"

BONAFIDE - Are You Listening?

(5) Facebook

(19:38) "Fire Eagle"

STEELRATH - Prayers of War

Prayers Of War | Alex Livás, Bruno Coimbra, André Ranhel e Jiúlio D. César | SteelRath (

(24:22) "Annihillation"

HELMS DEEP - Treachorous Ways

Treacherous Ways | Helms Deep (

(28:41) "Empress of the Emptiness"

DUSK - Wheels of Twilight

Wheels of Twilight | DUSK (

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