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(Podcast/Video) HARD'N'HEAVY NEW RELEASES - March/April 2023

Our Hard'N'Heavy series of podcasts focuses on new traditional metal and hard rock releases ... along with the odd hard rock'n'roll and melodic punk outing. Basically anything that doesn't fit on our Extreme Metal, Hardcore Punk or Doom series!

This edition we focus on March and April 2023 releases.

Horns up!



(00:00) "Salvage What You Can of the Night"

BLAZON RITE - Wild Rites and Ancient Songs

(05:21) "Intro/Speedtrap"

IRON STEEL - Crystalized

(09:12) "All For Nothing"

BLOOD STAR - First Sighting

(12:54) "Sin Miedo"


(15:25) "Spellforger"

SMOULDER - Violent Creed of Vengeance

(19:04) "Alcoholic Night"

LEATHER BRIGADE - Pray to the Knife

(22:44) "Bullet"

BLACK HAWK - Soulkeeper

(25:58) "Callejeros de Velocidad"

LEATHER WHIP - Autopista Veloz

(29:26) "City Kings"

CITY KINGS - Steel Rock'N'Roll

(31:27) "Entering the History"

MIDJUNGARDS - From Scandza

(33:35) "Suicidal Freedom"

THE SLOW ATTACK - Higher Than This

(36:27) "Stormchild"

AMETHYST - Rock Knights

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