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(Podcast/Video) FLOGGING MOLLY - In 40 Minutes

Time for another episode of our In 40 Minutes series where we curate what we think are the best 40 minutes of music from an underrated band's career ... with headbangers and hard rockers in mind (ie. you won't be hearing many ballads or hits!).

Basically, it's what we'd put on a single vinyl release (being limited to 20 minutes per side) if we were asked to put a Best Of record together to convince the uninitiated long haired miscreant that this band is worth checking out.

This episode we're shining a light on Celtic punk unit ... Flogging Molly. While the band is well known in melodic punk circles, my argument would be that this is a unit that should have higher visibility in the eyes of the general hard rocker and metal head, as well. Being one of the four greatest melodic punk bands of all time (in my opinion), here's my attempt at exposing Flogging Molly to a different, dare I say harder, market.

I'll always remember seeing the band for the first time at a Vans Warped Tour festival. Having never heard of them before, they immediately blew me away and were easily the best band on the day ... hands down. I immediately went to the record store the next day and have been a gob smacked fan ever since. Take a listen to this 40 minute set, then jig your way down to your nearest record store to pick up Swagger, Drunken Lullabies, Within A Mile of Home and Float, one of the greatest four album runs of all time, it says here!

Join the gathering storm ...



Side 1

Swagger (2000)

(0:00) Salty Dog

(2:23) Devil's Dance Floor Drunken Lullabies (2002) (6:24) Drunken Lullabies

(10:34) What's Left of the Flag

(14:09) May The Living Be Dead (In Our Wake)

With A Mile of Home (2004)

(18:00) Screaming At The Wailing Wall

Side 2

(21:43) To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh)

(25:02) The Light of a Fading Star

Float (2008)

(28:56) Requiem For A Dying Song

(32:22) No More (Paddy's Lament)

(35:48) You Won't Make A Fool of Me

Speed of Darkness (2011)

(38:31) Rise Up

Life Is Good (2017)

(42:03) Welcome To Adamstown


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