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(Podcast/Video) FALKENBACH - In 40 Minutes

Welcome back to our series where we curate what we think are the best 40 minutes of music from an underrated band's career ... with headbangers and hard rockers in mind (ie. you won't be hearing many ballads!).

Basically, it's what we'd put on a single vinyl release (being limited to 20 minutes per side) if we were asked to put a Best Of record together to convince the uninitiated long haired miscreant that this band is worth checking out.

This episode is dedicated to Viking/black/folk unit ... Falkenbach. Criminally underrated, the band mix scathing black metal with haunting/lush folk melodies (acoustic guitar and vocal) that'll get you swinging a cask of mead and singing along.

If at least one of these tracks don't make it onto your personal wake/funeral music-list you must be dead!!!!



Side 1

Ok nesfa tysvar ty (2003)

(0:00) As Long As Winds Blow

(4:07) Farewell

(12:18) Aduatuza

Heralding - The Fireblade (2005)

(16:55) Havamal

Side 2

(23:57) Roman Land

Tiurida (2011)

(28:19) Runes You Shall Know

(34:21) Sunnavend

Asa (2013)

(40:14) Vaer Stjerner Vaerden


Real Name:

Markus Tümmers


One-man band (with session participation of some musicians), started in 1989 in Iceland. The first demo "Havamal" was purely clean folk music, but the music has developed into more raw sound (but also very epic), featuring the elements of black, heavy & folk metal. 6 demos have been recorded before publishing the first full-length: "Havamal" (1989) "Tanfana" (1990) "Towards Solens Golden Light" (1991) "Laeknishendr" (1995) "Promo '95" (1995) "...Skinn Af Sverði Söl Valtiva..." (1996) Most of Falkenbach lyrics were written in English, but some were written in Norræna (old Icelandic), Latin, and Old German. Some of the lyrics and release titles are found in the Poetic Edda (Old Norse literature). Vratyas Vakyas now resides in Düsseldorf, Germany.



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