(Podcast/Video) EXTREME METAL NEW RELEASES - October 2022

This episode we focus solely on extreme metal releases issued in October 2022. Hear the best thrash, death and black metal releases issued this month.

Let the mayhem begin!



(0:00) "Expectro Lunar"

CULTO NEGRO - La Noche Oscura Del Alma

Desdoble | Culto Negro | Violence Records (bandcamp.com)

(2:23) "Intoxicating Holocaust"

CULT OF ORPIST - Cult Of Orpist Cult of Orpist | Cult of Orpist (bandcamp.com)

(6:05) "Cremation Sorcery"

NECROMUTILATOR - Oath of Abhorrence

Oath Of Abhorrence | NECROMUTILATOR | Osmose Productions (bandcamp.com)

(9:29) "To Take A Life"

SPITFIRE - Nightmares

Nightmares | SPITFIRE | WITCHES BREW (bandcamp.com)

(12:46) "Forward The Spears"

IMPRECATION - In Nomine Diaboli

In Nomine Diaboli | Imprecation | Dark Descent Records (bandcamp.com)

(15:19) "Shining Lord"

CONDRA - Aeonic Tempest From The Abyss

Aeonic Tempest from the Abyss | Condra (bandcamp.com)

(19:50) "Total Heresy"

TRINITAS - Total Heresy

Total Heresy | Trinitas (bandcamp.com)

(23:50) "The Uplands of Awrystli"

OFERWINTRAN - It Often Befalls Those

It Often Befalls Those | Oferwintran (bandcamp.com)

(29:13) "Arena At Dis"

DAEVA - Through Sheer Will and Black Magic ...

Through Sheer Will And Black Magic... | Daeva | 20 Buck Spin

(32:31) "Principum et Finis"


Redemptio | Funeral Harvest (bandcamp.com)

(36:06) "White Death"

BATTLEGRAVE - Cavernous Depths

Cavernous Depths | BATTLEGRAVE | Bitter Loss Records (bandcamp.com)

(38:30) "The Devil's Trade"

IDLE RUIN - Malefactors

Malefactors | Idle Ruin (bandcamp.com)