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(Podcast/Video) EXTREME METAL NEW RELEASES - March/April 2023

This episode we focus solely on extreme metal releases issued in March and April 2023. Hear the best thrash, death and black metal releases issued over the past two months.

Let the mayhem begin!



(0:00) "The Cult of Infinity"

LUCIFUGE - Monoliths of Wrath

(4:07) "Bestial Onslaught"

(7:42) "Re-Animator"

PUTRID YELL - Consuming Aberration

(11:04) "Evil Is Eternal"

SODOMY - Sodomy

(14:54) "White Death"

PROSELYTISM - The Desecration of Ancient Bones

(18:01) "Endless Suffering"

SUPERSTITION - Excruciating Methodology

(22:03) "Chime of Death"

NECROMANCER - Arrival of Death

(24:16) "Niederes Gewurm"

EISENKULT - Vulgare, Deutsche Hassmusik

(27:56) "The Oath of the Ancient Gods"

TOWARDS HELLFIRE - Death Upon the Holy Throne

(32:27) "An Torr"

OLDE THRONE - In The Land of Ghosts

(37:03) "Black Leather Wings"

ALL HELL - All Hail the Night

(45:49) "Ultuula Zikru Sagkal"

BLACK:I - Kimah Elenu Su'ati Bahlu


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