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(Podcast/Video) EXTREME METAL NEW RELEASES - February 2022

Our 'New & Upcoming Releases' podcast series introduces new underground releases to our listeners. This episode we focus solely on extreme metal releases issued in February 2022.

Let the mayhem begin!



(0:00) "Beast Inside"

ELIZABETH - Elizabeth

(3:30) "We've Come With Peace"

KARABINER - single

(10:34) "Dies Irie"

ULTRA SILVAM - The Sanctity of Death

(14:40) "Thirst For Ritual"

DEATHHAMMER - Electric Warfare

(17:20) "Devoted To Hades"

EXTINGUISHED - Vomitous Manifestations

(20:50) "Sanity Cause"

TYMO - The Art of a Maniac

(23:49) "Evil Majestic Vengeance"

WARKVLT - Le666ion of Nusantara

(28:27) "Harbor of Drifting Souls"

SEPULCHRAL - From Beyond The Burial Mound

(32:09) "Seven Horns of the Deceiver Gods"

MALUM MORTUUS - Ashes of the Traitor's Cross

(35:15) "Torture of Death"

HEXENALTAR - Tormented Possession


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