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(Podcast/Video) CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - In 40 Minutes

Time for another episode of our In 40 Minutes series where we curate what we think are the best 40 minutes of music from an underrated band's career ... with headbangers and hard rockers in mind (ie. you won't be hearing many ballads or hits!).

Basically, it's what we'd put on a single vinyl release (being limited to 20 minutes per side) if we were asked to put a Best Of record together to convince the uninitiated long haired miscreant that this band is worth checking out.

This episode is dedicated to California crossover unit ... Cryptic Slaughter.

If you're addicted to speed in your metal and hardcore punk, you've come to the right place, because Cryptic Slaughter are the kings of what I'd call speedcore.

It's all wrong if you don't positively love this band!!



Side 1

Convicted (1986)

(0:00) M.A.D.

(1:24) Little World

(3:05) Lowlife

(5:39) Rage To Kill

(7:30) War To The Knife

(9:08) Nation Of Hate (11:12) Convicted Money Talks (1987) (12:47) Money Talks

(16:30) Set Your Own Pace

(17:53) Positively

(19: 37) All Wrong

Side 2

(21:56) Too Much Too Little Stream of Consciousness (1988) (23:45) Circus of Fools

(27:31) Last Laugh (29:49) See Through You

(32:32) One Last Thought Speak Your Peace (1990) (34:42) Still Born

(37:27) Deathstyles of the Poor and Lowly


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