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(Podcast/Video) COMECON - In 40 Minutes

We continue with Extreme Metal Week here at The Mighty Decibel by curating the best 40 minutes of the underrated deathsters Comecon.

Welcome back to our series where we curate what we think are the best 40 minutes of music from an underrated band's career ... with headbangers and hard rockers in mind (ie. you won't be hearing many ballads!).

Basically, it's what we'd put on a single vinyl release (being limited to 20 minutes per side) if we were asked to put a Best Of record together to convince the uninitiated long haired miscreant that this band is worth checking out.

Quick band history: Comecon was a Swedish death metal unit that generated three albums in a four year period ('92 thru '95), its main members being Pelle Strom and Rasmus Ekmen (both of whom completed guitar, bass and keyboard duties) ... and an uncredited drum machine! They employed a different vocalist on each of their releases (LG Petrov (Entombed) on album #1, Martin Van Drunen (Asphyx) on album #2) and Marc Grewe on the last album).

Little known - but surely underrated. Take a listen!!!



Side 1

Megatrends In Brutality (1992)

(00:00) Dog Days

(3:08) Slop

(6:44) Wash Away The Filth

(10:03) Conductor of Ashes

(14:02) Good Boy Benito

Converging Conspiracies (1993)

(18:01) Democrator

Side 2

(22:15) Community

(25:58) Worms

(29:32) God Told Me To

Fable Frolic (1995)

(31:32) How I Won The War

(34:50) Propelling Scythes

(38:15) Icons of Urine


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