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(Podcast/Video) ALCATRAZZ - In 40 Minutes

Alcatrazz` No Parole From Rock`N`Roll is one of the greatest melodic metal albums of all time and their recent comeback records are both strong outings, so there`s much to celebrate when it comes to this unit. Join The Mighty Decibel as we celebrate the Alcatrazz discography by listening to 40 minutes of meticulous catchy metal.

It`s time to rock out with your cock out, as they say (heh, heh)!!!!

Side One

No Parole From Rock`N`Roll (1983)

(0:00) Island In The Sun

(4:23) Jet To Jet

(8:50) Too Young To Live, Too Drunk To Die

Disturbing The Peace (1985)

(13:13) Stripper

(17:03) Wire and Wood

Side 2

Born Innocent (2020)

(20:35) Born Innocent (23:41) Finn McCool

(28:00) Paper Flags

V (2021)

(32:00) Grace of God

(37:15) Sword of Deliverance


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