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(Podcast/Video) ALBUMS OF THE MONTH - March 2021

Join The Mighty Decibel as we name and listen to our fave albums of March 2021 in four categories: extreme metal, doom, hardcore punk and hard'n'heavy.

Horns up!

AUDIO (full tracks)

VIDEO (edited tracks)

Extreme Metal

SARKRISTA - Sworn To Profound Heresy

THE CROWN - Royal Destroyer

KANKAR - Dunkle Millennia

Doom Metal

NEKKROFUKK - Mysterious Rituals in the Abyss of Sabbath & Eternal Celebration of the Blakk Goat

FOSSILIZATION - He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten

THE QUILL - Earthrise

THRONEHAMMER - Incantation Rites

Hardcore Punk

ZEIT - Betonkrebs

HALLUCINATION - Hallucination


THUNDER - All The Right Noises

WITCHSEEKER - Scene of the Wild


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