(Podcast/Video) ALBUMS OF THE MONTH - July 2022

Join The Mighty Decibel as we name and listen to our fave albums of July 2022 across four categories: extreme metal (black, thrash and death), doom metal, hardcore punk and hard'n'heavy.

Horns high!!



Extreme Metal

OMENFILTH - Possessed By The Pentacle Spell

Possessed by the Pentacle Spell | Omenfilth | Eternal Death (bandcamp.com)

KEEPTOR - Robots of Death

(2) Keeptor | Facebook

GALLOWER - Eastern Witchcraft

Gallower - Eastern Witchcraft | Dying Victims Productions (bandcamp.com)

COMPLOT! - Victimes Innocentes

Complot! (bandcamp.com)

Doom Metal

PARISH - Parish

Parish | Parish | Crypt of the Wizard (bandcamp.com)

PARALYZED - Heavy Road

Heavy Road | PARALYZED (bandcamp.com)

Hardcore Punk

YAMBAG - Strength In Nightmares

Strength in Nightmares | Yambag | 11 PM Records (bandcamp.com)

THE LOUSY - Shut Up I'm Talking

SHUT UP I'M TALKING | THE LOUSY (bandcamp.com)

DEMOLITION AXE - House of Torture

House Of Torture | Demolition Axe (bandcamp.com)


VANQUISHER - An Age Undreamed Of

An Age Undreamed of | Vanquisher (bandcamp.com)