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(Podcast/Video) ALBUMS OF THE MONTH - January 2022

Join The Mighty Decibel as we name and listen to snippets of our fave albums of the month across four categories: extreme metal (death, black and thrash), doom metal, hardcore punk and hard'n'heavy.

Horns high!!



Extreme Metal

WOLFBASTARD - Hammer The Bastards

NOCTURNAL GRAVES - An Outlaw's Stand

DEATHCULT - Of Soil Unearthed

Doom Metal

THE QUILL - Live, Blue, Borrowed, Blue

DARK PALMS - After The Fire

Hardcore Punk

DISGARCHE - Demasiada Furia Acumulada

TORTURED SKULL - Motorbreathing Disfrost Fuckin' Armageddon


MAULE - Maule

SHOT DOWN TWICE - Shot Down Twice

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