(Podcast/Video) ALBUMS OF THE MONTH - August 2022

Join The Mighty Decibel as we name and listen to our fave albums of August 2022 across four categories: extreme metal (black, thrash and death), doom metal, hardcore punk and hard'n'heavy.

Horns high!!



Extreme Metal

ZABBETH - Zabbeth

Zabbeth | ZABBETH (bandcamp.com)

OLD SACRIFICE - Conqueror's Vengeance

Conqueror's Vengueance | OLD SACRIFICE | Black Legion (bandcamp.com)

NUCLEAR CHRIST - Twisted Idols of Nihilism

Nuclear Christ | Facebook

Doom Metal

EARLY MOODS - Early Moods

Early Moods | Early Moods (bandcamp.com)

Hardcore Punk

ABYECTA - Enimigos De La Razon

Abyecta - Enemigos de la razon / Inframundo | Abyecta | Corona Rx (bandcamp.com)


Starvation | Depopulation Department | Loner Cult (bandcamp.com)


SAVAGE MASTER - Those Who Hunt At Night

Those Who Hunt At Night | SAVAGE MASTER (bandcamp.com)