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(Podcast/Video) 70s REO SPEEDWAGON (For Headbangers) - In 40 Minutes

Okay, you can stop snickering. Yeah, REO Speedwagon in the 80s was pablum rock, radio at the time playing the trite ballads over and over again until you were forced to throw your transistor against the wall.

However, in the 70s REO Speedwagon was a hard rock'n'roll, hard touring band ... with an A-lister guitarist (Gary Richrath) in tow.

Really! Don't believe me? Take a listen to this ...



Side One

R.E.O Speedwagon (1971)

(0:00) 157 Riverside Avenue

R.E.O./T.W.O. (1972)

(3:57) Music Man

Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)

(8:33) Riding The Storm Out

R.E.O. (1976)

(12:45) Keep Pushin'

You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tune A Fish (1978)

(16:51) Say You Love Me or Say Goodnight

Side 2 (21:46) Roll With The Changes

(27:23) Runnin' Blind

Nine Lives (1979)

(30:30) Heavy On Your Love

(34:03) Back On The Road Again

(39:40) Drop It (An Old Disguide)


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