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(Podcast/Video) 2021 : THE YEAR IN HARDCORE PUNK - In 40 Minutes

Join The Mighty Decibel as we celebrate the year in hardcore punk (including d-beat and grind). We've curated what we think are the best hc punk tunes of 2021, presented here for your listening pleasure. Grind it up!!!



Side 1

(0:00) "Enenra": OSSACRUX - Discography 2011-2016

(2:28) "Medusa": CAPRA - In Transmission

(6:43) "Saannot/Turha Raska": KOVAA RASVAA - Tasaluvulla tulevaissuteen

(8:40) "Hope?": HOPE? - Dead and Gone

(10:57) "Het Is Class War/La Septieme Arme": MATRAK ATTAKK - What The Fuck Is Under The Spotlight?

(14:00) "Hacked Pieces/Diabolism": LAST AGONY - The Imminent Slaughter

(17:23) "Shit Guarantee": FILTHSCUM - Haudeshreck

Side 2

(19:50)"Stilgestanden/CIS Scum Must Die": ZEIT - Betonkrebs

(23:18) "Crush Pils Destroy/I Don't Need Sobriety": TRAPPIST - Cross Faded Split

(25:28) "Utstuderad Ondska": SVAVELDIOXID - Forsta Dagen Efter Sista Bomben

(27:43) "Regress To Zero": KONSENSUS - New Age Terror

(28:41) "Shredded and Destroyed": GROUND SWEAT - Shredded and Destroyed

(30:13) "Ride Off in the Sun": HALLUCINATION - Hallucination

(33:55) "Not For Sale/Anxiety": ATTESTOR - II

(36:05) "Cannibalistic Butchery": LIQUID VISCERA - Cannibalistic Butchery

(37:29) "A Permanent Fixture in a Forgotten Space": TRUE CROSS - No Fucker


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