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(Podcast/Video) 2019 : THE YEAR IN EXTREME METAL - In 40 Minutes

Welcome back to our series where we curate what we think are the best 40 minutes of music from an underrated band's career ... with headbangers and hard rockers in mind (ie. you won't be hearing many ballads!).

Basically, it's what we'd put on a single vinyl release (being limited to 20 minutes per side) if we were asked to put a Best Of record together to convince the uninitiated long haired miscreant that this band is worth checking out.

Today we complete our curation of the best tracks of 2019, this is episode focusing on all things extreme metal (black, thrash and death).

Duck for cover!!!!



Side 1

(00:00) "Dominion": POSSESSED - Revelations of Oblivion

(4:25) "Thrash Madicao": TOXIK ATTACK - Assassinos Em Serie

(8:38) "Fist of the Devil": BLACK BEAST - Nocturnal Bloodlust

(11:50) "Dark Waters Eridanus": ARES KINGDOM - By The Light of Their Destruction

(15:50) "Lludd and Llevelys": OFERWINTRAN - Llyfr Coch Hergest

Side 2

(19:20) 'End Your Life": ENDLESS DISEASE - The End of All Life

(21:38) "Evil Reigns": HORRID APPARITION - Evil Reigns

(26:00) "Ashes of Hope": NIHILSECT - Verge of Collapse

(29:35) "Chant For Austerity": PASSEISME - Austerity Parade

(33:35) "Victims Inc.": INFIDEL REICH - Reichenstein

(36:28) "Stab of the Blade": ETERNAL EVIL - The Rise of Death


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