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(Podcast) THE SUPERSUCKERS - In 40 Minutes

It's time for The Mighty Decibel to shine a light on the self-proclaimed "greatest rock'n'roll band in the world", Supersuckers!!

We'll take you on an aural journey from their '92 debut The Smoke of Hell through to their latest effort, 2020's Play That Rock'N'Roll.

Wade into the evil powers of rock'n'roll, won't you?!

Side One

The Smoke of Hell (1992)

(0:00) Luck

(1:30) I Say Fuck

La Mano Cornuda (1994)

(2:00) Mudhead

The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers (1995)

(4:52) Bad Bad Bad

(7:02) Born With A Tail

(10:18) The 19th Most Powerful Woman In Rock

Must Have Been High (1997)

(13:11) Barricade

The Evil Powers of Rock'N'Roll (1999)

(16:34) The Evil Power of Rock'N'Roll

Side 2

(19:40) I Want The Drugs

(21:04) Going Back To Tuscon

Motherfuckers Be Trippin' (2003)

(23:26) Sleepy Vampire

(27:07) Goodbye

Get It Together (2008)

(28:47) I Like It All

Get The Hell (2014)

(31:27) Pushin' Thru

Suck It (2018)

(34:08) What's Up With This Motherfuckin' Thing?

Play That Rock'N'Roll (2020)

(35:53) Last Time Again


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