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(Podcast) HARD'N'HEAVY NEW RELEASES - Aug/Sep 2020

Our Hard'N'Heavy series of podcasts focuses on new traditional metal and hard rock releases ... along with the odd hard rock'n'roll and melodic punk outing. Basically anything that doesn't fit on our Extreme Metal, Hardcore Punk or Doom series!

This edition we focus on August/September 2020 releases. Horns up!



(00:00) BATTERING RAM - Rage (Kingart Music)

(4:13) BURNER - Baptized In Gasoline (Time To Kill Records)

(8:17) BRICK - Done Counting My Scars (Sliptrick Records)

(13:56) BILL FISHER - Mass Hypnosis and the Dark Triad (Bandcamp)

(18:08) HARD ACTION - Yours Truly (Bandcamp)

(21:29) BLAZON RITE - Dulce Bellum Inexpertis (Gates of Hell Records)

(26:48) NIGHT - High Tides - Distant Skies (The Sign Records)

(30:56) DIAMOND DOGS - As Your Green Turns Brown (Wild Kingdom Records)

(34:10) PIMMIT HILLS - Heathens & Prophets (Bandcamp)


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