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(Podcast) EXTREME METAL NEW RELEASES - April/May 2024

This episode we focus solely on extreme metal releases issued in April and May 2024. Hear the best thrash, death and black metal releases issued over the past two months.


Let the mayhem begin!




(0:00) "Corpse Rape"

DOMINANCE - In Goulish Cold


(3:25) "From the Abyss"

PHANTOM - Transylvanian Nightmare

(8:17) "From the Distance"

EVOKED - Immoral Arts

(12:25) "AFailure Ablaze in Your Existence"


(20:04) "From Man To Machine"

DESOLUS - System Shock

(24:25) "Enslaved In Filth"

CRAWL - Altar of Disgust

(26:19) "Haudanvartija"

KRATTI - Matka Kohti Kosmista

(30:58) "Speed Violent Attack"

SPEED HELL - Speed Violent Attack

(34:07) "Vanquishing Spirit"

ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE - Vengeance of Eternal Fire


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