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(Podcast) DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES (D.R.I.) - In 40 Minutes

It`s time for some crossover!

The Mighty Decibel curates the best 40 minutes of the legendary D.R.I. covering material from all of their six full length releases.

Tear down the walls and get with the manifest destiny ... crossover is here to stay!!

Side One

Dealing With It (1985)

(0:00) Snap

(1:08) Rather Be Sleeping

(2:16) Couch Slouch

(3:39) I Don`t Need Society

Crossover (1987)

(5:08) Five Year Plan

(9:09) Tear It Down

(12:47) A Coffin

(13:46) Hooked

Four Of A Kind (1988)

(16:30) All For Nothing

Side 2

(20:29) Manifest Destiny

(23:08) Shut Up!

Thrash Zone (1989)

(25:57) Thrashard

(29:30) Worker Bee

Definition (1992)

(30:27) Tone Deaf

Full Speed Ahead (1995)

(33:29) Problem Addict

(35:10) Syringes In The Sandbox

(38:52) Drawn and Quartered


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