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(Podcast) AGNOSTIC FRONT (80s and 90s) - In 40 Minutes

Time to take a stroll through the 80s and 90s with Agnostic Front, one of the originators of NYHC (New York Hardcore for all you neophytes!). Providing three albums in each of the decades, we have a total of six albums to choose some primo material.

Hold strong, stay free!!!!

Side One

Victim In Pain (1984)

(0:00) Victim In Pain

(0:49) Blind Justice

(2:17) United and Strong

Cause For Alarm (1986)

(3:27) The Eliminator

(6:39) Time Will Come

(8:01) Your Mistake

Liberty and Justice For ... (1987)

(9:27) Anthem

(12:19) Happened Yesterday

(14:48) Crucified

(17:15) Strength

Side 2

One Voice (1992)

(20:00) One Voice

(23:15) The Tombs

(26:39) Retaliate Something's Gotta Give (1998)

(30:00) Before My Eyes

(32:11) Bloodsucker

(33:53) Something's Gotta Give Riot, Riot, Upstart (1999) (35:45) Police State

(36:48) I Had Enough

(38:26) Blood , Death and Taxes

(39:48) Nowhere To Go

(42:13) Bullet On Mott Street


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