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(Playlist) WITCHSKULL - In 40 Minutes

The world definately needs more doom on the airwaves, so we here at The Mighty Decibel have curated the best 40 minutes of Australian stoner/doom outfit Witchskull's four full length discography (to date).

Doom on people!!!

The Vast Electric Dark (2015)

(0:00) The Vast Electric Dark

(3:00) Cassandra's Curse

Coven's Will (2018)

(6:29) Raven

(9:25) Demon's Cage

(13:09) Spyres

(16:53) Lord of the Void

Side 2

A Driftwood Cross (2020)

(21:47) Dresden

(27:23) Black Cathedrals

The Serpent's Tide (2023)

(32:20) Sun Carver

(38:09) The Serving Ritual


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