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(Playlist) WITCHSEEKER - In 40 Minutes

Let's turn to the underground once more and shine the light on the underappreciated Witchseeker who hail from Singapore. A perfect mix of speed metal, thrash and melodic trad metal awaits, powered by an unstoppable bass sound that Lemmy would certainly approve.

Be quick or be dead!!!!

Side One

Night Rituals (2014)

(0:00) Killing of Mankind

(3:07) Killing Obsession

Threesome in Thrashville (2015)

(5:01) Strikes From the Skies

When the Clock Strikes (2017)

(7:25) Speed Away

(11:00) When The Clock Strikes

(13:56) Livin' Without You

(18:25) Crusades of Steel

Side 2

Scene of the Wild (2021)

(21:34) Scene of the Wild

(24:02) Be Quick or Be Dead

(27:03) Screaming in the Moonlight

(30:43) Break Away

(34:02) Rock This Night Away

(38:19) Hellions of the Night


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