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(Playlist) WEEZER ('94-'01) - In 40 Minutes

I like Weezer. There I said it.

A metalhead ain't supposed to like this band, but, dammit, I consider both the Blue and Green albums as perfect 10 out of 10s. (The rest of the discography - not so much.) At their best Weezer always sounded to me like a combination of 70s Black Sabbath doom dirge crossed with The Beach Boys harmonies. Absolutely essential listening to these ears when in need of some harmonious music.

Birthed in a garage, this knockdown dragout fare will put a smile on yer face!!!!

Side One

Weezer (Blue Album) (1994)

(0:00) My Name Is Jonas

(3:21) No One Else

(6:26) Surf Wax America

(9:31) In the Garage

(13:24) Holiday

Pinkerton (1996)

(16:47) Getchoo

Side 2

Weezer (Green Album) (2001)

(19:39) Don't Let Go

(22:36) Photograph

(24:54) Knockdown Dragout

(27:01) Simple Pages

(29:56) Glorious Day

(32:55) Smile

(35:12) Crab


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