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(Playlist) WAR - In 40 Minutes

War (or Total War as they were known later) was a short lived project in the late 90s (that included members of Necrophobic, Abruptum, In Aeturnum and Hypocrisy) that only issued one EP and one full length.

So why do they deserve the In 40 Minutes treatment? Because here we have one of the best (THE best?) vicious black metal bands on this much maligned earth. Sure, Marduk has a more extensive discography, but I would put both of War's releases right up there with Panzer Division Marduk in the "Best Violent Black Metal Album of All Time" category.

You are nothing - but worms!!!!

Side One

Total War (1997)

(0:00) Satan

(1:57) I Am Elite

(4:28) Total War

(7:19) The Sons of War

(8:30) Satan's Millenium

Side 2

We Are War (1999)

(11:40) War

(14:05) We Are War

(17:02) Soldiers of Satan

(19:13) Ave Satan

(21:24) Kill God

(24:05) 666

(26:17) Infernal

(29:03) Bombenhagel (Sodom cover)


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