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(Playlist) THUNDER - In 40 Minutes

For today's playlist we focus on English veterans Thunder where we curate the best 40 minutes from their extensive catalogue.

Unfairly maligned to my mind; sure, they played the hair metal card at first, but name a band that didn't bend to current trends at one point in time. Rather, in Thunder we have a hard/classic rock band which happens to include a damned fine lead vocalist in Danny Bowes.

Time to dance in the sunshine ... too bad you won't hear it on the radio, though!!!

Side One

Backstreet Symphony (1990)

(0:00) Backstreet Symphony

(4:30) She's So Fine

Laughing On Judgement Day (1992)

(9:11) Like A Satellite

(13:52) Fire To Ice

Behind Closed Doors (1995)

(18:33) River of Pain

Side 2

Giving The Game Away (1999)

(22:04) Just Another Suicide

Bang! (2008)

(26:17) On The Radio

Wonder Days (2015)

(30:33) I Love The Weekend

All The Right Noises (2021)

(34:01) Last One Out Turn Out The Lights

Dopamine (2022)

(38:17) Dancing In The Sunshine


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