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(Playlist) THE REAL MCKENZIES - In 40 Minutes

Time for the best Scottish Canadian melodic punk. It's time for a 50 minute playlist (I couldn't limit it to 40!) of The Real McKenzies.

In one of those rare occasions where a band's discography improves as it goes on, here we have the best of the Vancouver back alley dwellers over their 10 studio releases.

Remember - if it ain't Scottish ... it's crap!!!!

Side One

The Real McKenzies (1995)

(0:00) Scots Wha' Ha'e

Clash of the Tartans (1998)

(2:53) Mainland

Loch'd and Loaded (2001)

(6:49) Lassie/Roamin' in the Gloamin

(8:35) Pickled

Oot and Aboot (2003)

(9:27) Droppin' Like Flies

(11:24) Get Lost

(12:58) Lest We Forget

10,000 Shots (2005)

(15:23) Will You Neh Come Back Again

(17:22) Pour Decisions

(19:57) Bugger Off

Off the Leash (2008)

(21:58) Chip

Side 2

Westwinds (2012)

(25:11) Fools Road

(28:03) The Massacre of Glencoe

Rats In The Burlap (2015)

(30:42) Wha' Saw the 42nd

(32:42) Up On A Motorbike

(34:42) Who'd A Thought

(37:43) Midnight Train To Moscow

Two Devils Will Talk (2017)

(40:20) Due West

(42:06) Fuck The Real McKenzies

Beer and Loathing (2020)

(44:26) Overtoun Bridge

(46:25) Big Foot Steps

(49:58) Nary Do Gooder

(52:03) A Seafarer's Return


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