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(Playlist) THE DIRTY DENIMS - In 40 Minutes

Sick and tired of AC/DC displaying no pulse in the 2Ks with their porch sitting, rocking chair lifeless stuff they been peddling over the last twenty four years (and beyond!)?

Let me introduce you to the cure - The Dirty Denims! Boogieing on down like Angus and the boys in the 70s and 80s, this Netherlands based unit understands what made all of those early AC/DC albums so good. Energy!!!

It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta rock, steady go!!!

Side One

High Five (2014)

(0:00) Fit In Stand Out

(3:41) Dirty Job

(6:58) Going Out

Back With A Bang! (2019)

(9:35) Gotta Run

Rock, Steady Go! (2020)

(11:44) Rock, Steady Go!

(15:21) Turn Off the Radio

Side 2

Rockpalast (2023)

(18:32) Back With A Bang!

(22:11) Roll the Dice

Party On! (2024)

(25:59) Party On!

(30:24) Guestlist

(34:00) Come On

(37:15) I Want It Now


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